Privacy Policy

The office of the “Restructuring human sciences based on decoding of emotional information” in the Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (B), Emotional Informatics, recognizes the importance of personal information obtained from users of this website and aims to protect it.

1. Basic Policy

  1. This website will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations. In addition, this site will establish regulations regarding the protection of personal information, implement and maintain these regulations, and strive for continuous improvement.
  2. This website will establish a management system for the protection of personal information, make it known to all members of this domain's secretariat, and strive to ensure thorough compliance with it.
  3. This website will handle personal information within the scope of the purpose of use. In addition, this website will not disclose or provide personal information provided to third parties, except with the consent of the individual or for legitimate reasons.
  4. In addition to keeping personal information accurate and up-to-date, this site will strive to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, and will continue to improve and correct information security.
  5. This website will respond sincerely and promptly to inquiries and requests for disclosure, etc., regarding personal information.

2. Scope of information sharing

Personal information collected on this site will be shared only within the office of the “Restructuring human sciences based on decoding of emotional information” Emotional Informatics. However, please note that the list of participants may be shared only with the relevant department in the secretariat of this domain in the event that this domain deems it necessary to transfer the list of participants for operational purposes, such as for future events.

3. Disclaimer regarding disclosure of information

As a general rule, personal information collected on this site will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the person who has registered.
However, we may disclose the information if we are requested to do so by a court of law.

4. Purpose of use

When we ask you to provide us with your personal information, we will clearly state the purpose of use of your personal information in advance and use it within the scope of that purpose. If we need to use your personal information for any purpose other than the stated purpose, we will notify you and obtain your consent before using it. The personal information collected on this site will be used as follows;

  1. To create a list of people who are involved in our activities.
  2. Creation and operation of a mailing list for communication
  3. To provide contact information for administrative purposes
  4. To report the results of the research group.

This website will collect personal information in a fair and lawful manner.

5. Information Management

  1. Personal information collected on this site will be managed in accordance with "Reconstructing the Humanities through Emotional Information Decoding" Emotional Informatics, site policy.
  2. We will use core services such as Gmail and Drive provided by Google Workspace to share the information provided on this site.
    Please click here for Google Workspace's privacy notice.